I was recently asked to teach a few public classes at The Culinary Institute at Platt College as part of their Secrets of the Chef series so I’ve added 4 classes to my spring & summer schedule! Secrets of the Chef is a monthly cooking class Platt offers to the public. The classes are usually only taught by their chef instructors so I’m honored they asked me to contribute!

If you’re interested in taking your culinary expertise to the next level, cooking classes are a great way to do it. All my cooking classes (and all Secrets of the Chef classes) are interactive which means I’ll be instructing but you’ll do the cooking.

Here are the descriptions for all my classes from the Platt website, along with a little more detail for my fantastic readers:

March 16 / 11am-2pm: Demystifying Bread Baking.  Chef Stephanie McElhaney will guide you from wheat bread to cinnamon rolls. Learn how easy it is to bake your favorite breads at home.

I just heard that this class has the highest enrollment of all the Secrets of the Chef classes this year! Yay! We have a limited number of spots so if you’re interested, sign up quickly. We’ll learn how to make homemade wheat bread and white bread, dinner rolls, crescent rolls, and cinnamon rolls. And if we have time, we’ll even make some pizza!

April 20 / 11am-2pm: Eliminating Processed Foods.  Chef Stephanie McElhaney, a Platt graduate, will help you discover how simple, cost-effective, and more delicious it is to make your favorite foods from scratch.

The food industry wants you to think you don’t have time to make quality food from scratch but that just isn’t true. Learn how many snacks, sauces, condiments, marinades, dressings, etc., you can make in under 10 minutes each so you can kick preservatives to the curb.

May 18 / 11am-2pm: Restaurant Secrets For Home Kitchens.  Learn from Chef Stephanie McElhaney some of the best tricks of the trade for putting meals on the table quickly.

Restaurants can get whole plates of food to your table in 10 minutes so why does it take so long to cook dinner at home? Learn the tricks the pros use to speed up your cooking time.

July 20 / 11am-2pm: Perfecting Your Cooking Techniques. Whether you’re trying out a brand new recipe or one you’ve made a thousand times before, Chef Stephanie McElhaney will teach you the techniques that will guarantee you get the most delicious results.

The little things make all the difference in cooking. Learn the subtle differences between a plethora of cooking methods to ensure you get the most flavor from your food.

In addition to my classes, Platt has eight other public classes taught by their chef instructors. Check out their website to learn more about the rest of this year’s Secrets of the Chef classes or to sign up for mine.

In addition, I’m still booking private sessions this year. Private sessions are customized to your needs and some of the most popular ones are:

  • Cooking Parties: These are always fun! Get a group of your friends together and let’s tackle some common cooking mistakes and learn new techniques. 
  • Kitchen Organization: This class is best for one or two people at a time. Let’s walk through your kitchen and identify the areas where you have the most trouble so we can find some solutions. Whether it’s meal planning, food storage, equipment issues, or a multitude of questions, there’s no better way to find answers than one-on-one coaching in your kitchen.
  • Bridal Shower: These are probably my favorite classes. Help turn a bride into a domestic goddess by throwing her a culinary themed bridal shower! In the process, you’ll help the groom by preventing him from a year of burned dinners. 🙂

For questions about my Secrets of the Chef classes or for more info about private classes, email me at stephanie@saltisyourfriend.com or hit me up on Facebook.