I am so glad you’ve stumbled upon my blog and especially thrilled you’ve made it to the first post! I have considered writing a blog for years but there are so many food blogs out there, I didn’t think the world needed another. Yet here I am so let me tell you why.

After culinary school, I had countless people tell me they wanted to learn how to cook. I finally decided to get a group together and I taught a private class for friends and acquaintances. It was a huge success and the ladies who attended still remark on how much they learned. Since then, I’ve taught a number of public classes, as well as additional private classes. As fun and educational as they are, there are number of constraints to cooking classes; finances, time, and location being at the top of the list.  

There are a number of really great food blogs out there. Some have amazing photos that beautifully capture creative food. Some are targeted at busy moms and wives and tell you how to put food on the table quickly. Some are targeted at women on a budget and tell you how to save money while cooking. This is not like any of those. While you’ll learn how to be more efficient in the kitchen and you’ll learn how to cook natural foods for less money, there’s more to it than that. This blog is a way for me to share all the invaluable lessons from culinary school with the world. Culinary school is not for everyone; it’s for those serious about a career in the food industry. It’s too expensive and too time consuming for the average eager home cook to attend but there’s so much great information that can be beneficial to everyone who likes to cook.

In addition, I come from a long line of farming families from the Southern Plains. While my grandparents migrated to the suburbs in the 50s, they were raised in the country and that’s where their roots are planted. I’ve spent a lot of time with them and their siblings lately and I’ve discovered that the things they know about preparing good food were passed down from generation to generation. They’re lessons I’ve never seen in a book or on the web. Those things aren’t passed down as much as they once were. The deception of “convenience foods’ has taken over. Corporations want you to think that natural foods are bad for you and cooking from scratch is too difficult to be worth the effort. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

And out of that, this blog is born. I’ll include plenty of stand-alone recipes that I’ve tested but the focus will be the tutorials. I encourage you to start at the beginning because each post will build on the last. We’ll start with food safety and properly stocking your kitchen and then we’ll move on to techniques. We’ll go through all the same courses I took in culinary school and in the same order. We’ll also learn to make some of the favorite dishes our grandmothers and great-grandmothers made. Essentially, you’ll learn just as I did. 

I encourage you to try and forget what you already know about cooking when following these tutorials. And follow them to the letter. We have all learned improper techniques and worse, take shortcuts that can have a major effect on the final outcome of a dish.  I’ve had people ask for recipes after trying my food and more often then not, they tell me that they tried the recipe but it didn’t taste like it did when I made it. I’m no magician… the difference is the technique. For example, if a recipe calls for “room temperature” butter, that means set it out on your counter for an hour or so.  It doesn’t mean to put it in your microwave for 10 seconds. It makes a difference and we’ll talk about why in a later post. Follow the techniques as they’re laid out and I promise you’ll be happy with the results.

While you won’t have an instructor in front of you telling you what you did wrong and showing you how to do it correctly, you’ll have a resource you can always look back at for instruction. And I’m available through the comments or by email to answer any of your questions. We can even talk by phone or video chat if you’re really having problems. I’m here to help so please ask.  

You won’t learn to cook overnight, there’s way too much to learn. And you may get frustrated because you want to move faster (my classmates and I did in culinary school) but there’s a reason for the method; it works. With practice and properly following my procedures, I guarantee you’ll be a better cook than half the students in my culinary school classes. (Not kidding!)

So stick with me, you (and your hungry family) will be glad you did!

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